Revisiting: Black History Portraits

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As I prepare to start another series of Black History portraits — for a 12-month calendar this time around — I wanted to share the original series of five that led to this new project.  This being a new blog & all, I’d hate for the old ones to get lost in the shuffle… So […]

If Superheroes Were Hipsters…

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Courtesy of your good friends at CollegeHumor.

Illustration Friday: Old-Fashioned

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Why does this work for Illustration Friday‘s “old-fashioned” topic, you ask?  A few reasons. It’s not quite my newest work. It’s got an old-school feel to ‘er. We’re 4 weeks into the college football season, where kids hand out good old-fashioned beatings to other kids. Seemed like a natural fit to me!

A Look Inside “Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day”

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If you’re new to my work or have happened upon this blog by following links from elsewhere, allow me to give you a tiny peek inside a children’s book I recently finished illustrating called “Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day.”  A bit more about the story from the publisher: Poor Petunia Pepper! Every year, disaster strikes on […]